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Planet redüktörler


The TEP right angle planetary gearboxes series is the result of the outstanding ratio between low price and precision guarantee with regard to operating features.

Our gearboxes have been designed for a prevalent use on the following applications:
– Machine tools
– Woodworking machines
– Transfer lines
– Printing machines
– Automatic packaging and packaging machines
– Automation
– Mechanical hands
– Screen printing machines
– Linear guides

The TEP series is available in 4 sizes (55, 75, 90 and 120), with 2 and 3 reduction stages, each with two types of
output shaft (type A and type T) and 3 types of output flange ( A, T and Q type).

Body: made of nitrided steel, to guarantee strength, high reliability and long life.

Flanges: input and output flanges made of aluminum and available in several versions.

Shafts: made of hardened and tempered alloy steel.

Gears: made of case-hardened and tempered alloy steel, with rectified toothing .

Bearings: high quality and suitably sized to assure long life and noiseless working.