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Mack Tron

Servomotor with integrated servodrive, power supply 24-48Vdc, torque 0,15-1,2Nm (50-400W).

The MackTron is:

  • It is studied and engineered as an effective “integrated motor”, the result of the experience and know-how of a specialized company producing both motors and brushless drives;
  • Allows control with multiple fieldbuses: it allows flexibility in new projects and can be inserted in any existing application;
  • It is equipped with an absolute multiturn encoder: no resetting or “Homing” procedures are required;
  • “Limit Switches” are available on board: you can bring the end of travel sensors’ information directly to the motor without having to provide, and then manage, long cables up to the electrical panel;
  • “Single cable” allows control and power supply all included in a unique cable”


  • 8 pole motors up to 400W
  • B.E.M.F. and current sine waveforms
  • Mack Serial Encoder, single or multiturn absolute
  • Bi-color LED status signals
  • SpeederOne.2 PC software interface
  • RS485 for setup and monitoring
  • Protection rating IP54 and IP65 on request
  • Automatic holding brake
  • Electromagnetic holding brake
  • Special flanges and shafts
  • STO Safe Torque Off
  • 3 Digital inputs (programmable)

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