Variable pulley systems

In this modular system, the double pulley drive with a wide V-belt is integrated in a symmetrical housing. The numerous possibilities offered by this design range from modular assembly of a wide variety of drive elements up to a connection-ready, compact variable gear unit. Spindle and angle adjustment controls with disc-type or scale handwheel are available for speed adjustment. Incl. speed indicators (analog or digital) and tachimeters. Three-phase motors as well as reduction gears of all types with connections in accordance with IEC can be mounted directly both in U and in Z configurations. On the output side, every assembly unit can be equipped as standard with two-bearing input and output shafts in flange design. This in turn allows connection of output elements in conjunction with chain or belt drives. At the same time, this shaft design provides the input for reduction gears with IEC connection (hollow shaft). A gear pedestal is also available for every size. The housing of RGAE sizes 2 to 9 have IEC connections on both the motor and output sides as standard.

EX_logo_40x35II 2GD T4 – 3GD T4
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