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MLCC Serisi

  • Normal input voltage 103 V DC and 178 V DC from half-wave current rectifier
  • Braking torque from 3 Nm to 50 Nm
  • S1 Service, Class F insulation, watertight coil
  • Full compatibility and interchangeability with DC KV SERIES
  • Woodworking machine, tyre changer, bone grinder
  • If long braking/high friction work needed
  • Automatic/folding doors and gates
  • Packaging and bottling
  • Small sizes and/or low torque applications
  • All DC voltage from V12 DC to V300 DC available on request
  • Noiseless asbestos-free brake lining
  • Cast iron braking fan (to dispose of large jobs) or molded fan to obtain pre-selected moments of inertia (sizes 71 100), completely interchangeable
  • Can be mounted manual release device
  • Minimum axial dimensions;
  • Vertical mounting with no added device;
  • Very quiet even on single-phase motors
  • Air gap adjustment acting on a single die
  • Interchangeability ‘with PCC direct current series