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FM Serisi

  • Normal input voltage 103 V DC and 178 V DC from half-wave current rectifier
  • Braking torque from 5 Nm to 500 Nm
  • S1 Service, Class F insulation, Class B over temperatures, IP55 protection (on request) for assembly under motor guard
  • Steel brake disc
  • Asbestos-free noiseless friction packing
  • Full compatibility and interchangeability with AC MS/FM SERIES
  • Automations requiring a smooth intervention
  •  Wind generator
  •  Lifting and handling machines
  •  Transfer machines
  •  Gear motors with parallel or epicyclical axes
  • Constructive version UL 600V or 850V certified
  • All DC voltage from V12 DC to V300 DC available on request
  • Adjustable braking torque from 100% to 35%
  • No axial load on the motor shaft
  • Brake release microswitch
  • Wear control microswitch
  • Antisticking friction lining
  • Steel or stainless steel brake disc
  • Steel drive hub with ‘O’ring antivibration
  • Antidust protection Kit
  • Possible manual release device
  • Stainless steel ring shield (motor) side
  • Stainless steel ring anchor side
  • Interchangeability ‘with ES direct current and 00MS/FM alternate current series