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Entegre Motor & Sürücüler

Mack Uninano

Premium version of Mack Nano that offers extra functionalities in hardware and software. Universal drive as a revolution in the market’s view of automation. Ultra compact dimensions open the horizon to a multitude of new application concepts. High precision and excellent dynamic performance.


  • Universal Servo Drive for motors up to 2500W
  • Sine wave current
  • Brushless Servo Motor, feedback: encoder, hall sensor & sensorless
  • DC brushed motors, actuators and linear motors, feedback: encoder,
    armature, tachymeter & sensorless
  • Stepper motor, feedback: encoder & sensorless (case A)
  • Emulated Encoder
  • Braking Circuit
  • USB port for setup, control and diagnosis
  • 3 digital IN, 2 digital OUT: fully programmble
  • Enable digital IN
  • STO Safe Torque Off

Servo Drives AC-DC