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Entegre Motor & Sürücüler

Magnum 400

Axor Ind.’s answer to the need for a servodrive designed with the robust, reliable
construction to control a wide range of motor torques. It can be configured to control any brushless servomotor and is optimized for combination with the SSAX seriesBest regards.


  • Sine wave B.E.M.F. & current
  • SpeederOne.1 interface and control software
  • RS232 port for PC
  • RS232 to CANbus multidrop
  • Display & 4 buttons for config settings
  • Built-in EMC filter and in-rush circuit
  • Braking circuit with built-in resistor
  • External braking resistors
  • Powercut dynamic brake
  • Holding brake management
  • 9 digital inputs – 2 digital outputs
  • OK relay output
  • 2 Uscite analogiche
  • Scalable emulated encoder

Servo Drives AC-DC