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Entegre Motor & Sürücüler

Mack Indy

Brushless drives powered directly from a 230Vac single phase mains, for motors up to 11Nm. A truly flexible standalone drive for all servo requirements. It is compact and reliable, ideal for one or more axis machinery and articulated workstations or lines.


  • Very compact servodrive for brushless motors
  • 230V 1ph Power supply direct from the mains
  • EMC line filter, in-rush and braking circuits
  • Suitable for MACK Motors up to 11 Nm (single hybrid cable)
  • Suitable for other motors (2 cables)
  • USB for drive setup, monitoring and diagnosis
  • Serial Encoder compatible with Mack single hybrid motor cable
  • SpeederOne PC software interface
  • Emulated encoder
  • 6 digital IN, 2 digital OUT
  • STO Safe Torque Off

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