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Fırçasız Servo Motorlar

Mack Basic Mtr

A very robust, high performance, low noise motor for DC voltage supplies. Engineered & designed to meet axis control applications up to 1.3Nm. Compact dimensions and long-term reliability.

Mack Basic Motor is available with absolute multiturn BISS encoder feedback (Serial Synchronous Interface) which allows the designer greater flexibility in choosing the drive.


  • 8 Pole, no cogging
  • B.E.M.F. sine wave
  • Medium rotor inertia
  • Very low torque fluctuation at minimum speed
  • Single-turn or multi-turn absolute Mack® serial encoder
  • Standard BiSS encoder feedback
  • Holding brake
  • Protection rating IP54 & IP65
  • 30cm stub cable for easy connection
  • Special flanges and shafts

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